"We can not solve a problem with the same mind, that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein

"Alisa Sylling of Awake in Joy is nothing short of a miracle worker. You healed, supported, and encouraged my awakening. Indeed, you changed my life forever; and I'm thankful for your love and willingness to share your knowledge of endless possibilities. Your lessons, guidance, and teaching forced the goddess within me to stand tall and proclaim: "Yes! I find strength in being fabulous." -BJ

"Alisa has the amazing ability to not only hold divine love but to bring you deep into a meditative altered state where wonderful healing happens! I can say that no other healer has done this for me. I continue to work with her with much appreciation. I highly recommend her for anyone want to deeply heal." -NL

"The effect that spiritual coaching and meditation has had on my personal life and my career is larger than I could have ever imagined. I have a renewed excitement for growth, my work, my relationships and a new belief that anything is possible. You are a natural at what you do!" -HD

"Shamanic energy of healing is ancient. My soul reverberates with recognition! I remember this experience as I open to the healing, wisdom and Joy. I transform and begin to really enjoy this journey. What a gift! This is priceless. Thanks is not enough. My humble, heartfelt thanks, spoken in joy and awe for this as I regain my enjoyment and wonder of this life." - SP

"Alisa is an expert Spiritual Guide. She understands how people work both intellectually and energetically. She listens to where I am going. She knows when to offer input and when to ask just the right question. Energetically, she has opened up a whole world to me. Meditation allows personal change at a much faster pace. It has brought me peace and happiness, along with the first glimmers of personal mastery." -RF

"Working with Alisa has been an incredibly transformational process for me personally. Her unconditional love and complete openness have triggered emotions and feelings which I have been holding back for years. She has also provided me the means and tools to confidently embrace these changes and the overcome my fears. Through the process of meditation I have learned how to calm my mind to the point of where I am no longer overwhelmed by self-doubt and the nagging unconscious thoughts which have held me back a great part of my adult life. I honestly feel truly blessed that I made the choice to have undertaken this process and couldn't possibly feel more indebted this truly amazing woman.Thank you from my entire heart and soul Alisa!"-EA

"My weekend workshop with Awake In Joy's Foundational weekend workshop was nothing short of life changing. Our group consisted of four women, each ready to grow and change and discover a path in life for themselves. Some wished to feel renewed, some wished to change deeply rooted ways of being. I felt focused and supported and amazed. The energy that Alisa brought into the room was incredible. The focus she gave to each person's path was compassionate and sincere. She brought in many tools, methods and avenues for self-discovery. We delved into meditation, group discussion, writing, ritual and introspection. As each person gained clarity around her personal goals, path and self knowledge, Alisa would move us forward into another level of discovery. Personally, I have shifted patterns of behavior and thinking in myself that I have struggled to shift for many years. They have moved!! My sense of accomplishment and peace with who I am is new found and delightful. Thanks so much, Alisa!" -RF

"When I first started working with Alisa I was a typical Type "A" Busy Body. This approach works to some degree but I found myself feeling exhausted and not completely satisfied. Alisa taught me how to be restful and not lose my "go getter" edge. I thought I was a positive person when I met her but she taught me how to be positive from a much deeper level. Friends and colleagues who did not know about the work I was doing noticed my increased positivity too. She has a way of teaching how to "let go" and "let come" at the same time, instead of over engineering everything like I had done in the past. It's been months since my last appointment and I still use the tools she gave me. As a result of working with her I feel bolder. She talks about how people like to be "inducted to our fearlessness." I think about that a lot. Alisa is also very funny! I think the world of Alisa and recommend her to anybody who wants to learn how to deeply be more authentic." -VK

"Just a word of thanks and gratitude. Your most sincere and successful efforts at sharing your wisdom and empathy with others is simply wonderful. Your generosity of spirit, your joyful embrace and compassion, your powerful energy and quiet guidance, are, and have been, a great source of support in my todays. Thank you." -SW