"Alisa has the amazing ability to not only hold divine love but to bring you deep into a meditative altered state where wonderful healing happens! I can say that no other healer has done this for me. I continue to work with her with much appreciation. I highly recommend her for anyone want to deeply heal."
~ NL

Tools for Spiritual Growth & Transformation


Tools for Spiritual Growth & Transformation
A guided meditation CD with Alisa Sylling

 Alisa Sylling will take you on a inner transformational journey.

This meditation CD will resource you with the tools necessary to release self-limiting thoughts and negativity from your energy field. You will develop a deeper level of awareness and the ability to consciously focus on what you want to create. Limiting thoughts will be replaced with positive empowering thoughts, opening an energetic gateway to living your best life. You will emerge relaxed and grounded, experiencing peace of mind and inner Joy!

Using this meditation on a daily basis will have a profound effect on your spiritual growth and happiness.

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