"YOU have opened the door for me to see, that the goddess in me can simply open to universal knowing and manifest circumstances that not only move mountains but create openings I never dreamed of......"
~ K.J

Healing Room

New clients who fit the "new client profile" below are welcome to schedule a 2 hour healing session. Sessions are prepaid. Turn up your physical self-care to prepare your body. Eat foods filled with light, hydrate, and be well rested. ~Alisa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               New Client Profile Questions:

1.  Are you aware that you are a spiritual being here for an important purpose?

2.  Do you feel an urgency to re-member?

3.  Are you ready to make changes in the way you think, feel, and walk on the earth plane?

4.  Are you ready to see what is holding you back and keeping you stuck?

5.  Are you ready to truly love yourself?

6.  Are you ready to step into your gifts and your birthright?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, I would be honored to support you on your path of awakening! It is a journey well worth taking. In lak'ech, ~Alisa

New Client: Individual Healing Session
A 2-hour gift of self-love and awakening at the Awake In Joy Studio or by phone, with Alisa Sylling. Each session is unique and intuitively designed for your highest and best good. You will sit together for about an hour clarifying what is most important to energetically shift or heal. You will be offered vision, guidance and energetic tools to take with you. You will be gifted with a daily meditation practice; to ground, be present, and live in your heart-center. During the second half of the session you will lie down on a massage table, enter peace and receive. Alisa brings healing energy in through her eyes and hands, along with the use of a rattle, drum, Tibetan bowl, and sound healing through her voice. The energy will transport you to a place where healing is present in your auric field, body, mind, and spirit. You will walk away feeling lighter, empowered and inspired. Once the session is complete your new tools will be discussed to maintain your shift and integrate the work. 

Whenever there is an energetic shift the physical body needs to catch up. Drink lots of water, eat foods filled with light, rest and journal as a way to prepare your body and to integrate your shift after the session. Improving your physical heath and self-care will prevent a healing crisis. 
New Client Sessions are prepaid $250.00 at the time of scheduling. Email alisa@awakeinjoy.com to schedule your session.

Ongoing Mentoring and Continued Healing Sessions
Once you have integrated the shift from your New Client Session you may build upon the spiritual foundation with an individual session. 1.5 hours in length, prepaid $180.00 at the time of scheduling. Or, you may want to do an intensive of weekly sessions a month at a time. $650.00 for a series of four. 

Awake In Joy School of Awakening: You may feel called to walk the path of the initiate and enter the Awake In Joy School of Awakening. Required: Personal sessions with Alisa. Offered at your pace: Shamanic Initiation, Awake In Joy Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Reiki Energetic Training, Sound Healing Training, Egyptian Alchemy Intensive.