"Alisa Sylling is nothing short of a miracle worker. You healed, supported, and encouraged my awakening. Indeed, you changed my life forever; and I'm thankful for your love and willingness to share your knowledge of endless possibilities. Your lessons, guidance, and teaching forced the goddess within me to stand tall!"

Alisa Sylling, guides those who are ready to own their magnificence as a spiritual being. She is an Awakener and a teacher of the shamanic healing arts and Egyptian High Alchemy. She is the founder of both the Seattle based School of Awakening, Awake In Joy, and the planetary project Crystal Earth Grid.

She offers personal healing sessions and teaches a 3-year practitioner training program. Whether you work with Alisa individually or in a group setting, every experience is deeply transformative, healing and expansive.

Alisa’s passion and inner knowing of spirituality began in childhood, lovingly guided by her Grandparents wisdom. Her expertise was honed and expanded by studying with master teachers of Peruvian Shamanism, Egyptian High Alchemy, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, and Meditation Practices. Her western education is rounded with training as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

She stepped into her purpose and calling, creating Awake In Joy after a trip to Egypt where she entered a samadhi state and gained full access to her energetic gifts. In partnership with her guides she developed a unique comprehensive healing form which she gifts her students and clientele. Alisa is an Awakener and lineage transmitter of the ancient mysteries, for the purpose of elevating consciousness and inspiring personal expansion.  A teacher with true integrity, realness and humor, she carries energetic codes that transmit a radiance and awaken. She asks, “Are you ready to claim your birthright?”

“It is my greatest joy is to support those on their path of awakening. I know first hand that the journey is not for the faint of heart. But one WELL worth taking! For me, it is not a choice but a calling. Since, we have connected virtually, you too must be hearing the call from Spirit. I bow to the divinity in you.”

Alisa resides in Seattle, WA. along with her husband, teenage daughters, and ever growing animal and plant family. They share a little house with a large organic garden. Living sustainably and in harmony with their land and nature spirits is a passion.

Awake In Joy is not only a healing center and school it is a community of lightworkers who walk in unity consciousness and feel called to spread their light creating a new paradigm on Mother Earth.