"True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one's own self being fully realized."
~ Dalai Lama

"The effect that life coaching and meditation has had on my personal life and my career is larger than I could have ever imagined. I have a renewed excitement for growth, my work, my relationships and a new belief that anything is possible."

The Awake In Joy Meditation Program was created from a decade of Alisa’s observance and personal mentoring of her spiritual students. She has found that no matter what your profession, background or beliefs, the results are highly transformative and effective. She teaches in a way that a daily practice is created. One big difference in her program is that you are taught how to benefit from these energetic tools throughout your day not just while in meditation. Meditation tools and techniques provide the foundation for all personal healing sessions and classes taught by Alisa.

She teaches the meditation and energetic practices of Egyptian High Alchemy and Heart-Centering, which is a clear path towards personal transformation and enlightenment. Alisa, awakened to her knowledge of Egyptian High Alchemy and energetic gifts while in Egypt.  Alchemical healing provides an energetic weaving, connecting the higher self to the physical body bringing one into balance. The practice provides energetic tools that awaken higher consciousness. Their effects are profound and act as lifelong resources for those who are walking a spiritual journey.

Awake In Joy is a serene, Seattle based healing studio, where you feel nurtured and relaxed upon entering. You will feel peaceful, grounded, inspired and happier with each session. Alisa Sylling, teaches meditation tools to all of her students and offers a teacher training program to advanced Medicine Wheel students.

The 8 week Meditation and Energetic Hygiene online course is available to students of the Awake In Joy School.