"Alisa is an expert Mentor. She understands how people work both intellectually and energetically. She listens to where I am going. She knows when to offer input and when to ask just the right question. Energetically, she has opened up a whole world to me."


Alisa Sylling, spiritually mentors students privately or in group settings within her school.  She supports those on a spiritual journey of self-discovery as well as those who are in the healing arts as practitioners.

Personal mentoring sessions are offered by Alisa, either in-person or long distance by phone. Each session or class is unique and intuitively guided by what is psychically read and revealed. In an initial 2-hour healing session, 45 minutes are given to mentoring which shines light and awareness onto what is holding you back. You are then taught meditation and energetic practices to maintain a high level of self-care. The second portion of the session provides an energy healing that shifts what is stuck, closes energetic leaks, balances body and energy field. You will walk away feeling lighter, brighter, inspired, and empowered and gifted with a daily meditation routine.

After integration of an initial 2-hour session, some clients choose to enter into a deep commitment of self expansion with a 1, 2 or 3 month personal intensive series of sessions. Those that have a high level of self love and self care may be invited to enter the Awake In Joy School of Awakening, providing the wisdom, vibration, tools and resources, necessary to graduate as a highly skilled practitioner of the healing arts in Meditation, Sound Healing, Egyptian Alchemy, Shamanism, and Energy Healing.