"You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."
~ Buddha

Alisa carries a deep tool bag holding ancient wisdom and energetic healing gifts.  She is a "tuning fork” carrying energetic codes that transmit a radiance that heals what is raw, transforms what is stuck, closes the energetic leaks, balances the energy field and spiritually awakens.

Once you lay down on Alisa’s massage table you are showered in an energetic bath of light. Relaxing and floating in this space releases tension and stress allowing you to enter a space of deep healing, peace and love. Each session is an intuitive combination of meditation techniques, sound healing, energy healing, Reiki, and shamanic practices that will support you in all levels of your transformation.

What is a Session like?
In an initial 2-hour healing session, 45 minutes are given to mentoring which shines light and awareness onto what is holding you back. You are then taught meditation and energetic practices to maintain a high level of self-care. The second portion of the session provides an energy healing that shifts what is stuck, closes energetic leaks, balances body and energy field. You will walk away feeling lighter, brighter, inspired, and empowered and gifted with a daily meditation ritual; to ground, be present, and live in your heart-center.

After integration of an initial 2-hour session, some clients choose to enter into a deep commitment of self-expansion with a 1, 2 or 3 month personal intensive, series of sessions. Those who have gained a high level of self care and self awareness may be invited to enter the Awake In Joy School.  The school of awakening offers a course curriculum that provides the wisdom, vibration, tools and resources, necessary to walk as an awakened spiritual being or as a highly skilled practitioner of the healing arts in Meditation, Sound Healing, Egyptian Alchemy, Shamanism, and Energy Healing.

Each session or workshop feels as if you have received a profound gift. Alisa mentors with spiritual wisdom, humor, stories, meditation practices, energy work, shamanic healing and sound healing, to support and illuminate the path for your personal growth and spiritual journey.

Awake In Joy is a serene, Seattle based healing studio in the Pacific Northwest, where you feel nurtured and relaxed upon entering. You will feel peaceful, grounded, inspired and happier with each session. Sessions are an hour and a half and may be done in-person or long distance by phone.

What is Energy Healing?
Dis-ease originates from an imbalance within the energetic levels of the body which can take many forms, resulting in: anxiety, stress, fatigue, unhappiness, pain and illness. Energy healing brings balance and alignment to all levels of your being. This returns you to your natural state of well-being, to wholeness.

A healing crisis is a physical response that may happen from deep energetic work. Often, when the energetic field makes a huge shift the body must release toxins or emotions in order to catch up. Alisa recommends that to prepare for an energy session, you eat healthy food filled with light and turn up your self-care. After a session drink a lot of water, take an epson salt bath and sleep to help your body integrate the shift.

What is Sound Healing?
Sound Healing is an ancient healing modality. Modern science is now in agreement with what the ancient mystics have taught us, that everything is in a state of vibration and that all that vibrates creates a sound. When we are in a state of health, we are like a beautiful orchestra playing in perfect harmony. When one instrument is off key it affects the entire song. This is a metaphor for dis-ease in the body. Sound healing is the use of sound to induct the body back into balance. Playing the frequency of the part which is out of alignment, allows the body to balance into a healing state. It is not just the frequency of the sound which creates the effect, but the intention of the healer projecting the sound. Alisa uses sound as an energy medicine in her private healing sessions and teaches the healing modality in practitioner workshops.

What is Egyptian High Alchemy?
Egyptian High Alchemy is a clear path towards personal transformation and enlightenment. Alchemical healing provides an energetic weaving, connecting the higher self to the physical body. It creates a channel to develop communications between divinity and humanity. The practice provides energetic tools that awaken higher consciousness, higher vibration and healing on all levels. Alisa awakened to her knowledge and mastery of Egyptian High Alchemy while in Egypt. She gifts her clients this light and teaches the practices to her students.

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is the earliest and most ancient spiritual practice. It is an Earth based spirituality that has a deep respect for the natural world and its ecosystem. The Shamanic view is everything is interrelated and connected. We are related not just to ourselves but to each other, our planet, animals, and all things in nature. We are all living beings. Shamanism recognizes that each person has their own spiritual path and considers spiritual development to be our most important life work. Shamanism is self-realization. Alisa has the ability to go into altered state of consciousness to bring back healing, guidance, and power for a client. She uses her rattle, drum and voice to access realms of healing and to guide clients through a Shamanic journey of self-discovery. Some of the healing techniques are soul retrieval, soul remembering, power animals and energy healing. Alisa offers shamanic guidance in group workshops or retreats and personal healing sessions. 

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese energy system for channeling healing. Alisa is a Reiki Master trained in the Usui System of natural healing. She invites Reiki energy into her body and through her hands. It is the laying on of hands which strengthens the client's energy system. It affects the whole person-body, emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, inner peace, well-being and healing on many levels. Prepare for your session by wearing comfortable clothing. If possible allow yourself time after your session to integrate. You will be lying on a treatment table, warmly covered by blankets with beautiful soothing music playing. You will feel as if you have been on a journey into deep relaxation and healing. Alisa teaches Reiki Workshops, certifying her clients in Reiki Levels I,II,III and Reiki Master teacher training. She also offers attunements for established Reiki Practitioners. 

What is Theta Healing?
Theta healing is energy healing for physical, psychological and spiritual healing by accessing creator energy. The theta brain state is a very deep state of relaxation, the same state used in hypnosis. By accessing this state Alisa is able to access spiritual guidance and healing for her clients. Theta brain waves are thought of as the subconscious. It is what governs your attitudes, beliefs and your behaviors. By accessing this state you can discover what is guiding your unconscious beliefs which provide a shift to a state of healing and empowerment. Alisa uses Theta energy in meditation groups and private healing sessions.