"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside
as fate."
~ Carl Jung

The following terms are all copyrighted by Awake In Joy.
These are spiritual terms used in teachings and sessions.

Aho: A Native American word that is similar to amen. It can also be used as hello.

Akashic Records: This is an etheric library of all that is. Your entire journey and story is recorded in this sacred library. In the Shamanic realms we have the ability to enter the Akash to gain information and wisdom. Alisa teaches this skill to her Shamanic students.

Altars: An altar is a physical spiritual representation of what you want to honor and create. There is no right or wrong way to make an altar. What is important is that it is done with intention. A beautiful way to make an altar is to use things from nature, a candle holding the energy of transformation, incense, crystals, photos… Make them beautiful and unique to represent the essence of you.

Ancestors: In the Shamanic realms we connect to our ancestors in the Direction of the North of the Medicine Wheel.  When we heal something that our lineage has carried it ripples to our ancestors gifting them the healing, as well.

Aromatherapy: Use of scents to create healing. Specific aromas affect the body in different ways. We are unconsciously affected by scent. The ancient Egyptians used oils as their medicine.

Astral field: The connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Free of time and space.

Aura: Or human energy field. Science has determined its job is to convey information about what is going on inside the body. It is directly linked to our internal health. Each of the auric fields opens to different energy fields and energy bodies, they also each partner with a chakra. This connection provides an exchanging of information between the worlds inside and outside of the body. There are seven basic layers to the aura which are linked to the seven basic charkas.

Awake In Joy: Shamanic Practitioner, Alisa Sylling, the founder of the Awake In Joy healing center, school, and community. The vision and intention came after her awakening and re-membering in Egypt. Her Egyptian Alchemy and Shamanic practices support those in their spiritual awakening, once one is awake all that is real is joy and love.

Ba: In Egyptian Alchemy this is our 8th chakra. It is located about an arms length away from your crown, it is the part of you that is outside of time and space.

Bear Medicine: Bear is one of the spirit animals of the north in the Medicine Wheel. It teaches us to be grounded, to hunt, to hibernate, to find the sweetness in life.

Chakras: They are subtle energy centers that are located at the main branchings of the nervous system. They are circular, when emerging from the front and back of the body they appear as cone shaped energy centers. They regulate our unconscious and conscious realities, psychic and sensory energies and our subtle and physical bodies. The chakras must be in balance for true health. If there is a blockage it causes emotional, physical and spiritual discomfort.

1st Chakra: The root chakra. Located in the groin at the base of the spine. The color is red. This is the chakra used when grounding yourself to the Earth. Its main emotional aspect is security and safety. 

2nd Chakra: Is located in the abdomen between the navel and genitals. The color is orange. This chakra is the expansion of one's individuality, our passions and dreams. It is our creativity, genius, sexuality, and also where we can hold emotional wounds.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus, located between the navel and base of the sternum. The color is yellow, it is like a brilliant sun in the middle of the body. This chakra affects the nervous system, immune process and manages the digestion. This includes the ability to digest thoughts. The chakra center is our personal power.

4th Chakra: Heart chakra located in the center of the chest. The color is green. The main aspect of the chakra is love and relationships. The ability to give and receive love.

5th Chakra: The throat chakra, blue in color. The main aspect of this chakra is communication and self-expression. The ability to use your voice, to speak your truth and sing your song. Throat chakra imbalances area direct cause of illness.

6th Chakra: Also called the third eye, located between the eyebrows. The color is purple. The main aspect is perception and self-realization. When this chakra is in balance you are able to trust your inner knowing.

7th Chakra: The crown chakra, located at the top of the head. The color is white. The main aspect of this chakra is spirituality. This is the clear connection to your higher-self, your magnificence

Chakra Balance: An energetic healing practice performed by a energy healer to bring all chakras into balance and alignment.

Ceremony: is a spiritual way to honor and celebrate an initiation. They may be complex or simple, the intention is what is most important. Awake In Joy offers personal initiation ceremonies.

Chi: Life force energy

Cord Cutting: is a powerful Shamanic tool. It is the process of energetically unhooking from etheric cords connected to that which is holding you back. You may have cords connected to people or situations that drain, keep you in the past and limit you from moving forward. Receiving a cord cutting makes you feel lighter, free and empowered. If you simply can not move on from someone in your past or a situation a cord cutting is powerful medicine. Alisa often using this tool in personal healing sessions and teaches those in her Medicine Wheel.

Consciousness: The experience of awareness. As your consciousness raises your awareness expands. What you see changes.  What you experience changes.

Coyote Medicine: is one of the spirit animals of the west in the Medicine Wheel. Coyote shows us what is hidden in our shadow.

Crystal Earth Grid: is a planetary healing project created by Shamanic Practitioner, Alisa Sylling, and the community of Awake In Joy.  We are programming clear quartz crystals, asking them to be a part of our global intention, and then planting them back into the earth. Crystals hold energy and intention. Our grid carries the energy of higher consciousness, personal responsibility, abundance, creativity, connection, beauty and joy. We have planted over 3000 crystals and are continuing to expand our light and intention around the planet.  If you feel called, please join our vision by planting your own clear quartz crystal in the earth at your home or during your travels.  Email us with the location so that we can add you to our map. Check out CrystalEarthGrid.com for more information.

Crystals: Are like little sponges. The hold energy, memory and intention. All crystals have healing properties.

Crystal healing: When a practitioner or individual support the healing process with the help of the healing energy of crystals.

Dreams: Are a way for our unconscious to connect and communicate with our conscious mind. We can learn volumes by studying our dreams. In general the way to analyze your dreams is to think of everything as a symbol not a literal representation. Ex: if you are pregnant in the dream, you are birthing and creating something. Also, analyze the dream as if everyone in the dream is you. If you are a woman, a man in your dream would be your masculine side. A child in the dream represents your inner child. Dreams that you can not forget and that carry an intense emotion are important teaching dreams.

Drumming: A shaman travels through the realms in a trance state created by the repetition of sound. A fast constant drum beat supports one in traveling by shifting you into a deep state of theta. A natural drum hide carries the energy and spirit of the animal.

Directions: In the Shamanic realm the seven directions hold much power, energy and spirits. In the Awake In Joy Medicine Wheel the student is taken throughout the year energetically into each of the four directions, south, west, east, and north. The student also develops the ability to travel in the other three directions, the lower world, middle world and upper world.

Drisana Energy: Is a powerful spiritual energy system of Tibetan origin. Drisana means "Daughter of the Sun". It is estimated to be 5000 years old. It shifts all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It purifies, cleanses and balances the chakras, subtle bodies and the physical body.

Eagle Medicine: is the spirit medicine of the east in the Awake In Joy Medicine Wheel. It activates in the shaman’s field granting them access to the energy of sunrise, birth, creation, and flight.

East Direction: This direction of the Medicine Wheel is where the sun rises. It is the place of new beginnings, birth and creation. The spirit animal is the Eagle giving us greater perspective and wings to fly towards what we are creating.

Ego: Is a program hardwired to the soul. But, not meant to run the show. We need the ego to get the mission done but it is not meant to tell us what the mission is. Most people have an ego out of balance that is running them. Your ego will tell you that you or better than everyone or worse, and it may vacillate back and forth. The spiritual practice is get to know your ego, love it, but not let it run you.

Energy: Albert Einstein with his famous equation E=Mc2 proved that everything is energy. Energy equals Mass times the speed of Light squared. This tells us that Mass and Energy are interchangeable and that space and time are not absolute. Mass is nothing but a form of Energy. Energy can either be solid or non-solid. When we speak we release sound waves of energy. When we think our brain releases wavelengths of energy. Our bodies are receiving stations of energy and also transmitters of energy.

Energy Channel: Allowing energy to flow through your body and channeling it for healing.

Energy Healer: A person who follows a code of honor, which promotes health on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels of the client helping them realize their inherent wholeness.

Energy Healing: To create a positive change. Assure a state of wholeness.

Energy Field: The auric system of the body. You are not your body, it is a gift but not who you are. You are much bigger than your physical body.

Energy Medicine: Treatment to effect change with the use of subtle energy.

Egyptian High Alchemy: A clear path to personal transformation. It the seeker follows the path it leads towards enlightenment. Alchemical healing provides an energetic weaving, connecting the higher self to the physical body. It creates a channel to develop communications between divinity and humanity. This process allows one to awaken to the higher states of consciousness to become Awake In Joy.

Fire: The the ultimate transformer. What you put into a fire with intention changes the energy. It can be used to transform or manifest.

Fire Ceremony: Students in the Awake in Joy Medicine Wheel learn the art of a fire ceremony. Fire is the ultimate transformer, what you put into the fire with intention will transform or manifest.

Full Moon: That which has been hidden is revealed. Whatever tendency or issue you were not aware of comes up to notice.

Gaia: Our mother earth. She is a living being. She knows us and feels our footprint.

Grounding: Is the process of connecting to the Earth's energies through one's root chakra. When you are grounded you feel safe and secure. You handle things differently, you are more at choice in how you want to feel and react.

Healing Crisis: This is a physical response that may happen from deep energetic work. Often when the energetic field makes a shift the body must release toxins or emotions in order to catch up. Heathy food filled with light, an epson salt bath and sleep are the remedy.

Hummingbird Medicine: This is the spirit energy of the north in the Medicine Wheel. Humming bird medicine activates in one’s field granting the shaman access to the energy of the infinite and the ability to travel into the past and future.

Huna Energy: Is a Hawaiian energy system. The work Huna means secret. It is an ancient knowledge enabling a person to connect to his or her highest wisdom within. It integrates the mind, body and spirit. It is one of developments of inner knowing and the growth of innate psychic abilities. The seven principles of Huna are: 1. The world is what you think it is 2. There are no limits; everything is possible 3. Energy flows where attention goes 4. Now is the moment of power 5. To love is to be happy 6. All power comes from within 7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Alisa radiates Huna energy in her healing sessions.

In Lak’ech: You are me, I am you

Initiation: is the process of moving from one level to the next with a significant life test. We all go through initiations by simply living our life. Becoming an adult, having a child, getting married, graduating school are all common life initiations. For the spiritual seeker at times you must take a leap in consciousness, move beyond your limits and fear into the next level.  All initiations should be honored and celebrated.

Intention: Holding a clear intention is very important in mediation and all healing work.

Jaguar Medicine: This is the spirit medicine of the west in the Awake In Joy Medicine Wheel. The energy of the jaguar activates in the shaman’s field gifting them the ability to see what is hidden in the shadow or unconscious.

The feeling when your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. As you awaken you have access to more and more joy in your life.

Full Moon: A powerful time to connect to the energy of the moon and release what no longer serves. Alisa leads new and full moon shamanic ceremonies each month.

Kundalini: Feminine serpent energy rises to meets the male energy available in the crown energy center. When the two are unified they create through supreme consciousness, enlightenment.  Egyptian Alchemy practices awaken and rise the kundalini energy.

Know Thy Self: Through the discovery of self one discovers one's magnificence. Meditation is the most powerful way to know who you truly are. You are not your car, your house or your job, you are a spiritual being having an earth experience. You have many gifts and resources available to you that most chose to ignore.

Lower World: In Shamanism, the lower world is inside mother earth. It is the place that shaman’s travel to to access lost soul parts, that which is unconscious and connect with our power animals.

Lunar Eclipse: Is when the moon moves through the shadow of the earth. This marks a completion of a cycle.

Lucid Dreaming: The ability to be aware that you are the dreamer and manipulate your dream.

Manifestation: The ability to create in your reality with the use of your thoughts, words, and actions.

Medicine Wheel: This is a four-part immersion training in the sacred healing arts of shamanism. This intensive is for those on a personal quest as well as practitioners wanting to gain tools in shamanic healing to expand their healing practices and knowledge. Throughout the year, we will meet for four 3-day weekend intensives. Each weekend will be dedicated to a different direction of the wheel, offering lessons for each phase of your life. Every weekend is powerful in itself and once the energy of the direction is engaged it works with you deeply for three months until we turn the wheel. Wherever, you are along the spiral of ascending consciousness the energies will meet you and activate what is most important. This is an advanced experiential journey for those who are ready to dive deep into the depths of self-discovery. Personal empowerment and self-authority will deepen throughout this exploration. You will expand your ability to travel within the Shamanic realms; providing personal healing, growth and expansion. Each weekend you will sink into a healing energetic that awakens your connection to your higher self. You will begin to re-member. Alisa Sylling, will hold you in a high vibration of light so that you can see, own, remember, and step into your highest potential. You will learn your magic, your power, your gifts, and discover your passion. As your self-love grows, you will allow yourself to give and receive on a deeper level in all areas of your life. Grounded, connected, centered, and Joy, are the results. Knowing your footprint creates, and gaining tools to support ease and magnificence along the journey; life gets really fun! Alisa teaches with intuition, realness and humor. She inducts you energetically and then teaches you how to hold and carry what is truly yours. During our weekends together we will meditate, connect and communicate with nature spirits, learn from our healing teams and guides, use sound healing, journal, share personal discovery, and perform ceremony. Give yourself the gift of integration and keep your evenings free during our intensive. The wheel will meet you on the level you engage it.
Prepare for this workshop with healthy food, rest, hydration, and meditation.

Meditation: It is one of the most profound things you can do for yourself. It is the clear way to connect to your higher self, peace, joy, and create the life you want. Practicing meditation allows you to remain centered and in-love, regardless of outside circumstances. You will gain the ability to choose happiness, which is a highly resourceful state of being.
The Awake In Joy Meditation Program was created from years of Alisa’s observance and personal mentoring of her spiritual students. She has found that no matter what your profession, background or beliefs, the results are highly transformative and effective. She teaches in a way that a daily practice is created. One big difference in her program is that you are taught how to benefit from these tools throughout your day not just while in meditation. She believes that it is time for us all to be full time lightworkers. You will learn how to ground to mother earth and enter inner presence. You will carry the energetic tools to transform worry, stress and fear. Learn how to feed what you want to grow in your life, becoming a conscious creator. You will gain access to a heart-centered space where the keys to the universe are revealed. These energetic and meditation tools are the foundation for all of Alisa’s teachings and the Awake In Joy’s classes.  Their effects are profound and act as lifelong resources for those who are walking a spiritual journey.

Mesa: Is a shaman’s medicine bag full of sacred items. It contains various sacred objects, rocks and healing crystals wrapped in a beautiful cloth of protection. It is used in healing work for yourself or others.

Middle World: In Shamanism, our world but in an altered state. A shamanic journey to the middle world provides information and healing for your present life. It is a way to energetically plant seeds for all you wish to grow.

Namaste: I bow to the divinity in you.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: (NLP) The study of excellence. By accessing the brain and neural networks to transform limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs or behaviors.

New Moon: A time of new beginnings. A time of growing energy, newness, rejuvenation, growth, renewal and hope. A good time to make a change in your life. Alisa leads new and full moon shamanic ceremonies each month.

North Direction: This direction of the Medicine Wheel is where we connect to our ancestors and hummingbird medicine. Our ancestors become our spirit family and guides. Hummingbird gifts us the ability to travel into the past and future, connecting us with the energy of the infinite.

Power: To have full access to your innate abilities, your birthright. True power is only accessible with deep self-love and when one is heart-centered authentic and carries high integrity.

Power Animals: We all have a team of power animals or totem animals, empowering  you with their power and medicine, Those qualities we are missing, they help us become whole. Some guides are with you for a lifetime, others come in to support you through a situation or event. Knowing your power animals allows you to develop a deep and meaningful relationship that enables you to call on them when in need, receive their guidance and their energetic gifts.

Power of a circle: The circle represents the whole, everyone is equal. When you sit in a sacred circle the energy is potent and magnified.

Rattle: A shamanic tool used for shamanic journeys. The sound of the constant rattling allows one to travel through the shamanic realms. It alters your brain state into theta.

Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese energy system for channeling healing, it means: Universal Life-Force Energy. Alisa is a Reiki Master, she invites Reiki energy into her body and through her hands. It is the laying on of hands which strengthens the client's energy system. It affects the whole person-body, emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, inner peace, well being and healing on many levels. Prepare for your session by wearing comfortable clothing. If possible allow yourself time after your session to integrate. You will be lying on a massage table, warmly covered by blankets with beautiful soothing music playing. You will feel as if you have been on a journey into deep relaxation and healing. Alisa teaches Reiki Workshops, certifying her clients in Reiki Levels I,II,III and Reiki Master teacher training. She also offers attunements for established Reiki Practitioners. 

Rocks: Are the wisdom keepers on the planet. In Shamanism they are considered the oldest beings. We do have the ability to communicate and learn their wisdom.

Sacred Geometry: By analyzing and working with geometric forms you become attuned to the mystical laws of creation.

Sacred Relationship: To honor the beauty and magnificence in another. You must be able to deeply love yourself before you are truly able to have sacred relationships.

Sage: A native american tool for clearing energy.

Self-Love: The foundation of spiritual growth and awakening. True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one's own self being fully realized.-Dalai Lama

Shamanic Journeys: A gateway into the Shamanic world is through Journeying. The practitioner and or client travel into an unseen reality by the use of rhythmic drumming or rattling, inducting them into an altered state of consciousness. The Shamanic world is one where Nature Spirits and Guardian Spirits communicate to us for self -discovery, guidance, knowledge and healing.

Shamanism: Is the earliest and most ancient spiritual practice. It is an Earth based spirituality that has a deep respect for the natural world and its ecosystem. The Shamanic view is everything is interrelated and connected. We are related not just to ourselves but also to each other, our planet, animals, and all things in nature. We are all living beings. Shamanism recognizes that each person has their own spiritual path and considers spiritual development to be our most important life work. Shamanism is self-realization.

Shaman: A healer who has access to alternate realms to promote miraculous healing and deep learning. Classes do not make a shaman. Training is essential but you become a shaman when those around you name you as that. A Shaman does not call themselves a shaman,  it is thought that by doing so you are giving away your power.

Shadow Work: Shadow is the part of us that is unconscious and hidden. It is the part of you, that you don’t think you are or you do not know.  Bringing into the light that which we have not been able to see transforms the shadow into the golden shadow, now becoming a resource instead of a hinderance.

Snake Medicine: this is the spirt energy of the south in the medicine wheel.  The energy activates in the shaman’s field granting them the ability to shed what no longer serves.

Solar Eclipse: Is when the moon aligns with the sun. As the moon comes between the sun and Earth it interrupts the flow of energies from the sun. This disruption creates a dramatic reboot in our consciousness. It is like a full shutdown, clearing the old and starting the new. It is a new beginning. 

Soul Retrieval: is a powerful Shamanic tool. Soul loss is a common result of trauma or abuse. A person may not consciously remember the painful event until much later in life. Our mind creates amazing forms of protection. It is the same with soul loss. The part of the self that can't deal with an event, leaves to find safety. When there has been a soul loss a person does not feel fully present or fully in their body. They often feel as though part of them is missing. Or, that an abuser took part of them. The event does not need to be discussed, it is simply healed. Soul Retrievals are deeply healing and life changing. Suddenly you feel whole and free.

Sound Healing: Science is now in agreement with what the ancient mystics have taught us-that everything is in a state of vibration. Everything is creating a sound. The humming sound of all of existence is Om. When we are in a state of health, we are like a beautiful orchestra playing in perfect harmony. But, when one instrument is off key it affects the entire song. This is a metaphor for dis-ease in the body. Which shows up in many forms. Sound healing is the use of sound to induct the body back to balance. It is possible to correct the frequency to the part of the body which is out of balance. Playing the frequency of the part which is out of alignment, allows the body to balance into a healing state. It is not just the frequency of the sound which creates the effect, but the intention of the healer projecting the sound. Deep emotional pain, physical, pain, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, fear, spiritual growth, consciousness shifts, balance and well-being are all profoundly effected by the energy medicine of Sound Healing.
Alisa offers sound healing sessions and teaches practitioners.

South Direction: This direction of the Medicine Wheel is represented my the snake or serpent. One gains the ability to shed what no longer serves, without regret, simply as a natural process.

Spiritual Healing: Accessing a higher power as the source of healing energy.

Spiritual Mentor: A guide with integrity who has walked an expansive spiritual journey who acts as a light for the initiate to see their path.

Sunrise: Carrying the energy of birth and creation.

Sunset: Carrying the energy of endings.

Tobacco: A shamanic offering to our spirit guides.

Tantra: The sacred art of loving. Tantric practices may be used to raise vibration and energetically connect with your higher self or that of your partner.

Theta: Energy healing for physical, psychological and spiritual healing by accessing creator energy. The theta brain state is a very deep state of relaxation, the same state used in hypnosis. By accessing this state the practitioner is able to access spiritual guidance and healing for the client. Theta brain waves are thought of as the subconscious. It is what governs your attitudes, beliefs and your behaviors. By accessing this state you can discover what is guiding your unconscious beliefs which provides a shift to a state of healing and empowerment.

Time Line Therapy:
A technique of regressing back along your personal timeline to change emotions and promote healing. Alisa uses this tool in her healing sessions.

Trance: A deep altered state of consciousness were there is direct access to the unconscious mind. It is the state a shaman enters to travel through the realms.

Upper World: In the Shamanic realm the upper world is where a shaman travels to gain connection to the higher self, winged spirt animals and spirit guides.

West Direction: This direction of the Medicine Wheel represents the energy of the shadow, the part of you that you don’t think you are or the part of you that you do not see. The spirit medicine that is access is the coyote and jaguar. When the shadow is spiritually embraced it transforms to the golden shadow.

Wind People: The spirit energies of the wind.

World Peace: Possible if masses awaken to their divinity, raise vibration and shift consciousness.


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